USDAA to raise with-entry registration fees

Starting end of January, USDAA is raising the cost to register a new dog IF DONE VIA A TRIAL ENTRY. As you all know, a new dog can be registered with USDAA at the same time as they enter their first trial. However, now owners will be charged a small premium for doing it that way. Starting end of the month, USDAA’s fees for new registrations will be:

  • $25 if done with a trial entry
  • $20 if done directly online by the owner, using the USDAA competitor services link, prior to sending in the dog’s first trial entry.

Note that doing it online gives you your new reg number immediately, right on the spot. You do not need to have a paid USDAA subscriber subscription, but you do need to have a (free) USDAA subscriber account. All explained under the competitor services link, and get back to me if there’s anything I can try to help clear up.