Tracking Workers Draw Program

This is the description of the joint TRACS/SDTC Worker Draw program, used to compensate/benefit/appreciate the key workers at our tracking tests.
revised 1/11/2018

AKC Rule: Section 13d Test Worker Option

A club may set aside tracks for test workers from previous tests, as defined and identified by the test giving club. This information and the number of tracks to be set aside must be published in the premium list. Entries from workers are to be drawn first, up to the limits show in the table below. Once the tracks set aside for workers are filled, any remaining test worker entries will be added to the non-worker entries for the draw of the remaining tracks. There will be no separate alternate list for test workers only. A test worker may not benefit from a track set aside at a test in which they are working. Deviations from the table are not permitted for any test, combined test or multiple tests.

Total #tracks in test: 1-2 #tracks set aside for workers: 0
Total #tracks in test: 3-5 #tracks set aside for workers: 1
Total #tracks in test: 6-8 #tracks set aside for workers: 2
Total #tracks in test: 9-11 #tracks set aside for workers: 3
Total #tracks in test: >11 #tracks set aside for workers: 4


To encourage tracking personnel to volunteer at TRACS and SDTC tests, by providing a higher chance for test workers to get drawn into a TRACS or SDTC Tracking Test. It should be noted that this provision does not guarantee a test worker a slot in a TRACS or SDTC test. It only provides an increased chance of getting drawn into the test.

Who Qualifies

Anyone, not just TRACS/SDTC members, who works a TRACS or SDTC tracking test is eligible the receive TRACS/SDTC vouchers and redeem them at future TRACS/SDTC tests [updated 5/2016].

Voucher Process

• Vouchers will be issued for 1, 5 or 10 points
• It will take ten (10) points to get into the worker draw.
• The test secretary will issue vouchers for the appropriate number of points to all workers who are TRACS or SDTC members.
• A standard voucher will be used by all test secretaries. The club’s tracking coordinator will provide blank vouchers to the test secretary.
• Vouchers must be included with the entry form and submitted to the appropriate test secretary.
• Vouchers are nontransferable to another person. Vouchers can be used only for the entry of a dog owned or co-owned by the person to whom it is issued.
• Vouchers may only be used once.
• If there are not enough entries to require a worker draw, the worker gets in the test. Since no worker draw is required, the test secretary will return the vouchers to the worker.
• If there is a worker draw and the worker’s entry does not get drawn, the vouchers will not be returned.
• Vouchers will not expire.

What Work Qualifies

Points will be awarded as follows:

• Chief tracklayer – 10 points
• Test secretary – 10 points
• Judge who declines a fee for the test – 10 points
• TD tracklayers who lay 2 tracks – 5 points
• TD tracklayers who lay only 1 track – 2 points
• TDX tracklayers – 5 points
• VST tracklayers – 5 points
• Drivers – 2 points per day
• Primary cross-tracklayers who do 3 or more cross tracks – 5 points
• Primary cross-tracklayers who do fewer than 3 cross tracks – 2 points
• Secondary cross tracklayers who do 3 or more cross tracks – 2 points
• Secondary cross tracklayers who do fewer than 3 cross tracks – 1 point
• Housing judge(s) – 10 points [incr’d from 2 per 12/2017] • Full service hospitality – 3 points per day *
• Limited service hospitality – 1 point per day *

*As determined by tracking coordinator and test secretary

Worker Draw

If there are more entries for a test than tracks being offered, the draw will be conducted as follows:

• The worker draw will be conducted before the general draw from the non-worker entries.
• The only entries in the initial draw pool (worker draw) are those that are submitted with vouchers totaling 10 points.
• The set-aside tracks for the worker draw will be drawn.
• After the designated number of set-aside tracks are drawn, the remaining worker entries will be included in the draw pool with the non-worker entries and the draw for the remaining
tracks will be conducted as usual.
• Worker vouchers do not get preference for inclusion on the alternate list.

[Original approved 01/2015]