Key Worker Job Descriptions

Here is a link to AKC”s Agility Resources page. Provides an overview of agility information available.

And another link to the Agility Trial Manual.  Chapters 2 & 3 provide detailed descriptions of worker responsibilities.

Job Description:  TRACS Equipment Manager

TRACS equipment Manager (s) are responsible for ensuring all the equipment necessary for running a trial is purchased, set up, maintained and managed to support smooth running trials. There are currently two managers who share responsibilities and provide backup.  This job description applies to both.

Note: for purposes of this description, trailer hauling is considered as a separate task, which may be done by the equipment managers if they have adequate towing capability, or may be outsourced to a third party.

Before the Trial:

  • Check that equipment meets the appropriate AKC/USDAA/UKI specifications for the upcoming trial.
  • Repair anything damaged at previous trials.
  • Provide a Judges list of available obstacles and maintain this list on the website.
  • Buy expendable supplies such as scoring materials, timer batteries, ring tape, marking paint, etc.
  • Charge drill batteries and power packs.
  • Check trailer tire pressures.

On Setup day:

  • Arrange for trailer delivery at the required time.
  • Provide guidance to setup crews on unloading the trailers, assembling equipment, choosing the correct AKC/USDAA/UKI venue obstacles, installing ring fencing and gates, assembling timers, PA system, electronic displays, and in general assisting in finding all the necessary components.
  • Obtain electrical power for the rings, PA system and drill charging station.
  • Before leaving the grounds for the day, ensure that all canopies are properly staked and trailers are secured.

During the trial:

  • Be readily available to answer questions, help with finding items and to solve problems quickly when they occur.
  • Each morning, provide judges with weights and scales to calibrate the seesaws and tire jumps.
  • Ensure that timer systems are delivered to the rings and checked out each day.
  • Set up wireless microphones for judges use during FAST, Snooker and Gamblers classes.
  • Periodically check timer batteries and have replacement batteries available.
  • At the end of the day verify that the ring crews return timers, tools, and other valuable items to the trailers for overnight storage.
  • Recharge drill and powerpack batteries overnight.

At the end of the trial:

  • Oversee disassembly of all equipment and the proper packing/loading in the respective trailers.
  • Remove batteries from timing systems and store separately.
  • Make a list of things needing to be purchased, repaired, cleaned or replaced prior to the next trial.
  • Arrange for trailers to be returned to storage.
  • Periodically (every 2-3 years) have trailer inspected and serviced for wheel bearings, brakes, tires and roof leaks.