Vet Expense Assistance Program

TRACS Vet Expense Assistance  Program


In appreciation to the members in good standing of Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento; the club has implemented a Vet Expense Assistance Program.

This program is available to any TRACS member in good standing whose current Agility and/or Tracking dog (or dog in training for these sports) has sustained a critical or traumatic injury.  This injury may be the result of participation in either of our sports or sustained in some other manner ( e.g.  an auto accident, etc.)  where the dog requires immediate veterinary care.

TRACS will reimburse the member 10% of related vet bills up to $5,000.00 (member benefit = $500.00) annually per TRACS member.  Multiple members in one household may not each recover $500.00 on behalf of one dog’s incident, but multiple eligible dogs under one family membership may receive this benefit up to $500.00 per TRACS member.

The TRACS member may submit copies of vet bills to the TRACS Treasurer as they are incurred (up to the annual $500.00 reimbursement cap) or they may hold all bills until treatment has been completed and then submit the request for the expense reimbursement benefit.

When possible, the benefit should be requested in the calendar year that the injury was sustained.

This payment will be made directly to the TRACS member, not to a veterinarian or veterinary hospital.

This program does not apply to canine illness, retired dogs or other dogs within the TRACS member’s household.