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Starting end of January, USDAA is raising the cost to register a new dog IF DONE VIA A TRIAL ENTRY. As you all know, a new dog can be registered with USDAA at the same time as they enter their first trial. However, now owners will be charged a small premium for doing it that way. Starting end of the month, USDAA’s fees for new registrations will be:

  • $25 if done with a trial entry
  • $20 if done directly online by the owner, using the USDAA competitor services link, prior to sending in the dog’s first trial entry.

Note that doing it online gives you your new reg number immediately, right on the spot. You do not need to have a paid USDAA subscriber subscription, but you do need to have a (free) USDAA subscriber account. All explained under the competitor services link, and get back to me if there’s anything I can try to help clear up.

TRACS ended 2012 with another great agility trial on December 28-30 at the Murieta Equine Center.  I would like to thank all the TRACS members who took the time and made the effort to go out and help at the trial.  The weather was chilly but dry, and the courses were fast and furious.  Positive comments were made throughout the trial regarding what nice trials TRACS puts on – I agree!

We were able to celebrate with the following teams as they completed their MACHs:  Sharon Freilich with Scandal, Sharon Murphy with Reo, Terri Greer and Piper and Helen Hamilton and Whisper.  Each team received a beautiful MACH ribbon and a decorated MACH bar.

As you all know lots of work goes into putting on an agility trial.  I would like to thank Kathie Leggett who always goes above and beyond in acting as the Trial Secretary and Head Score Keeper for our AKC trials.  Without Kathie’s endless hours of work, our trials would not be what they are.  In the scoring room along with Kathie were Nicole Young and Mary Roseberry.  These guys spent the entire weekend meticulously logging in scores and double-checking scribe sheets and computer printouts to make sure everyone’s score was recorded correctly!  Jim and Sandy graciously haul our trailers and take care of the equipment – again without their help, the trial could not go on!  Heading up our course building we had two teams of three whom actually worked together throughout the weekend helping each other, which makes for quicker course builds and builds on the clubs camaraderie.  Our course builders were Cindy Macklin, Sharon Murphy, Beth Miller, Becky Hardenbergh, Cathy Beam and Karen Kaua.  You guys rocked!  The rings ran smoothly with the guidance of our Chief Ring Stewards Nancy Damarodas, Vickey Meyer, Katy Robertson and Karey Krauter.  Again, these folks were out there taking care of the ring staffing and making things roll along the entire trial!  The workers raffle was a huge hit thanks to Georgia Demetre and Sue Bailey.  Folks were lined up and anxiously waiting for the names to be drawn to see if they won the prize of their dreams – there were cool prizes too!  As always, our rewards table was happily visited as the placement prizes were so much fun.  Thanks to Pat White for finding such great prizes and making sure we were fully stocked with the super TRACS ribbons.  Then there was the breakfast that was always ready for us when we got to the hospitality area.  Jill Gustafson provided us with fresh hot coffee and cocoa each morning along with some other delectable items.  We all were sent out to work with a happy tummy!

This year TRACS hired full time workers to staff the key ring positions of timer, scribe and gate.  We had six people come out each day to man these positions in exchange for TRACS certificates.  Again these folks helped our trial run smoothly and made life easier for our Chief Ring Stewards.  (We plan to hire folks for our May trial also so if you are interested let me know!)

An added bonus this trial was the presence and hard work from a group of 4-H kids from the Placerville area.  Jill Gustafson and Sandy Zajkowski have been mentoring and teaching dog skills to this dedicated group of young people.  They were so excited to be at our trial and took on many of the rings jobs such as setting bars, leash running and even gating a ring.  It was really fun to have such young, fresh and enthusiastic young people at our trial.  (I really hope they come back in May!)

So all in all we had a great trial and had a great time.  I thank everyone who came out and worked the trial and donated your time and efforts in helping TRACS put on another wonderful agility trial.  There are limited key positions and hired positions and not everyone can take on one of these positions, but as a member it is just the right thing to do to come out and help because it is your club.  To those folks I give a huge thank you!  I hope I see all of our club members pitching in our trials coming up and enjoying the fun that agility brings to us.

See you all in May!

Susan Cochran

Trial Chair

Southside Topnotch 4H visited our trial!

Southside Topnotch 4H from El Dorado county came, visited, watched, learned, and worked hard at our December agility trial in Rancho Murietta!  We loved meeting the next generation of agility competitors! Thanks Beth Miller for taking this group of wonderful photos!

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