TRACS TD Feb 20 2022

At Mather Regional Park, Sacramento CA.
Test Chair/Secretary Karey Krauter
Day-of test secretary Meg Azevedo
Chief Track Layer Colton Meyer
Judges: Pat Beauchamp (Santa Rosa) and Roy Fair (Oregon)

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TRACS held its annual Tracking Dog (TD) test on Feb 20 at Mather in Rancho Cordova. I’ll start out with the great news that we had 2 passes, out of the 3 dogs who ran, with great performances from all and amazing dry green spring-like weather that had us all exhilarated to be there.

Thanks to our sainted judges Roy Fair (OR) and Pat Beauchamp (CA), and to our tireless chief tracklayer Colton Meyer, AND our EXCELLENT detail-catcher day-of secretary Meg Azevedo, and to our seasoned tracklayers Cathy Beam, Paul Brink, Debi Best. Also drivers Linal Browning and Erin Shaw. THANK YOU!

Track #1 was run by an All American dog who was actually on her second go-around after passing her first TD the weekend before this at the SacDTC TD test! Barbara Henry and Muttagen’s Honey Badger TD2 passed with flying colors, congratulations! (tracklayer Cathy Beam)

Track #2 was run by a dalmatian dog who successfully navigated the first turn and halfway down the second LONG leg before leaving the track to head into the crosswind. (tracklayer Paul Brink)

Track #3 was run by a german shepherd bitch, finishing in a blisteringly fast and accurate  5 minutes, congrats to new TD Deana Del Vecchio and her GSD Xara Von Taylorhof TD!  (tracklayer Debi Best).

The remaining tracks (6 total were offered) and the alternate track didn’t get laid (or run) because the rest of the dogs entered in this test passed at the SacDTC test the weekend before, a GOOD SEASON for all!

Congrats to all for training up to this level and having such wonderful dogs!

Thanks to TRACS photog-for-life Colton Meyer for taking pictures!

TRACS2022FebTD DelVecchio

Deana Del Vecchio and Bushka


Barbara Henry and Badger

The rest of Colton’s photos are available for free download HERE, password GrizzlyBear.