TDX Results, Jan. 30 2017

TDX test thanks
January 30, 2017

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TRACS’ TDX test was held last weekend (January 29, 2017), and I just want to thank everyone involved.

Thanks to our judges Kaye Hall and Rita Crawford who plotted four great tracks in the space out at Mather Regional Park that we are allowed to use.

Thanks to Chief Track Layer Sue Larson who got all the track layers where they needed to be when they needed to be there on Saturday and Sunday when we started at 7:00 am. Especially on Sunday, we are on a tight schedule, and all went according to plan.

Thanks to our tracklayers Sue Bailey, Cathy Beam, Margot McKereghan and Colton Meyer; crosstrack layers Susan McClair and Pam Flanagan and secondary cross track layers Sandy Zajkowski and Bob Dant. Can’t have a test without tracklayers.

Thanks to our Sunday driver, Stephanie Laston, who took care of making sure the judges got where they needed to be while Sue was transporting tracklayers. Watch for notice of Stephanie’s application for membership in TRACS.

And a huge thanks to our caterer extraordinare, Cathy Beam, who makes sure we have something to eat in the morning, a lovely luncheon spread (you need to try her homemade mushroom soup) and plenty of snacks. None of us could get enough of her homemade brownies.

The tracking conditions are absolutely perfect this year after many years of dry fields. Unfortunately, none of the dogs passed, but we saw some great tracking by two beagles, a Newfoundland and a bloodhound.

Thanks again everyone.
Penny Larson
TDX Test Secretary