VST November 6, 2016

November 6, 2016 VST Results.

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Unlike 2015, the 2016 VST test entries filled with an alternate list.  Although co-judge Carol Pernicka and I planned to plot 3-4 tracks at Cosumnes River College and 2-3 tracks at American River College (with the goal of 5 + 1 alternate tracks), Cosumnes was overrun with Soccer Moms and their kids.  We even lost our usual Headquarters Parking lot, where a $5 fee was being collected.  So, we moved to an unused, isolated parking lot on campus and plotted 3 tracks at Cosumnes; and plotted 2 at ARC.  Plotting an alternate is up to the judges, and sometimes it happens that the sites just cannot support “the best laid plans.”  The weather was cool and the grass was damp.

Entrants included 2 smooth collies, german shepherd, golden, and belgian sheepdog.  Although all teams had a nice start, unfortunately none of the teams passed.

A big thank you to Test Secretary Jean Schafer and Chief Tracklayer Meg Azevedo for coordinating the test and tracklayers; for Jean hosting J. Carol Pernicka, and Royana Palmer for hosting me.  Tracklayers Renee St. Dennis, Colton Meyer, Susan McClair, Kate Marie, and Pam Flanagan were the best to work with.

Thank you all. Rita Crawford/TRACS Tracking Coordinator