TRACS VST Dec 19 2021

At Cosumnes River College, Sacramento CA.
Test Chair Erin Shaw
Test Secretary Karey Krauter
Chief Track Layer Colton Meyer
Judges Meg Azevedo and Franna Pitt

Three VST entries. Cool, cloudy, tule fog, no wind.  Yes this test originally was also going to include a TDU test as well, but we received no TDU entries, so we didn’t hold that test!

Track 1, dog 103, Golden Retriever, start time 10:15am, finish time 10:36am, 615yards, PASS! New Champion Tracker Emberain Winter Coming Home UDX OM3 TDX RN MX MXJ SH “Shaylee”, congrats to excellent handler Cindy Hult!

Track 2, dog 102, Belgian Tervuren, lost track at 3rd corner after finding first intermediate article, well done.

Track 3, dog 101, German Shepherd Dog, lost track towards end of first leg (it was a 205yard leg!) after finding first article, well done!

HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that make these tests possible: chief tracklayer Colton, day-of chair/secretary Erin Shaw, tracklayers (whether or not we used you after finding we had more tracklayers than entrants!) Cathy Beam, Nancy Bougher, Jim Aitken, Sharon Prassa (who laid the passing track, so exciting!), Sue Larson, Debi Best, driver Linda Kelly. Tireless judges Meg Azevedo and Franna Pitt (both judging local VST’s two weekends in a row!). And Royana who was there in spirit, sorry you couldn’t come hold down HQ, get well soon! Thanks also to Sue Larson for making the trip to pick up supplies from Royana’s, and to Jenny Cuccinello for lodging Franna for both the SacDTC VST and the TRACS VST and the week inbetween.

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CT Shaylee’s Maps!

TRACS 2021Dec VST - CT Shaylee&CindyHult

CT Shaylee and proud mum Cindy and judges Franna & Meg!