TRACS TDX Jan 26 2020

At Mather Regional Park, Sacramento CA.
Test Chair Cathy Beam
Test Secretary Karey Krauter
Chief Track Layer Colton Meyer
Judges: Kyla Smay (OR) and Kamrin MacKnight (CA)

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Gorgeous weather, great field conditions, good people, awesome food!  We offered 3 tracks plus an alternate track for 4 tracks total.  We had two passes, which is super for a TDX test: Lizanne Kaiser’s german shepherd Grace, and Denise Gormish’s cocker Finn, congratulations!   The vizsla that was entered unfortunately failed, and the other german shepherd bitch that ran the alternate track also couldn’t make it to the end, both giving excellent efforts.  Huge thanks to our judges Kyla Smay from Oregon and Kamrin MacKnight from the bay area.  Thanks to Sue Green who housed and wined and dined both judges for the test!  We wouldn’t have had a test if Cathy Beam hadn’t stepped up to be day-of secretary/chair AND hospitality person, and if Colten Meyer hadn’t stepped up to be our tireless chief tracklayer and driver/wrangler.  Thank you to tracklayers Sue Larson, Bob Sleppy, Jim Aitken, and Debi Best, and crosstracklayers Dennis Duane, Cherie Duane, Jean Shafer, and Terry Southard.  Thanks also to drivers Nancy Bougher and Carol Sweeney (a TDX test has a lotta shuttling of personnel!).  Tracking tests are starting to be an endangered species, with several clubs (Oakland, Davis, Napa, SantaClara) in the area dropping their tracking program for lack of support.  I’m so proud of our club for maintaining such a high level of support for its tracking program!

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