TRACS TD Feb 17 2019

At Mather Regional Park, Sacramento CA.
Test Chair Sue Bailey
Test Secretary Karey Krauter
Chief Track Layer Colton Meyer
Judges: Suzanne Schwab (WA) and Julia Priest (CA) (We were sad that Julia couldn’t make it, and grateful to Cheryl Bavister (CA) for stepping into her spot)

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Thanks to Colton for taking photos, uploaded here: Colton’s Photo Gallery (download is free, email test secretary for the password.)

Hi persevering entrants and tireless volunteers, THANK YOU for braving the weather and coming to our test!  This test offered 6 TD tracks (plus an alternate that did run), received 13 entries, and had 4 passes (the 4th being the alternate!). Congrats to all, and congrats to our new TD’s:

  • Paul & Dianna Brink’s Flatcoated Retriever “GCH CH Flyway Farms Sweet Saison Silhouette BCAT SWN CGC TKN”
  • Meg Azevedo’s Harrier “Blythmoor Truth Or Dare”
  • Stefanie Meinhardt’s Manchester Terrier “MACH Torta’s Dextrouse Laddie MXB MJS NF T2B TKN”
  • Patti Kostakis’s Golden Retriever “DD’s Next Batter Up SHDN TKN”, handled by Billy Anderson

Mother Nature held off at Mather this last weekend!  We did have a little moment Friday afternoon when one of our original judges, local tireless Julia Priest, came down with a bad bug and did the wise thing and (was encouraged to!) bow out so that she wouldn’t degrade to pneumonia.  We had several of our other local judge resources make themselves available when we sent the word out. You are SUCH a great tracking community!

I’m so sorry I missed out on being there in person, I can’t believe the bullet you guys dodged weather-wise (I’ll tell you that I did NOT dodge it in Turlock where I was at an agility trial, I’ll be drying out for the next week!).  This test wouldn’t have been possible without Sue Bailey stepping up for day-of secretary duties and Colton as CTL.  HUGE thanks to our judge Cheryl for stepping in for Julia and very likely saving Julia’s life, huge thanks to our judge Suzanne for making the trek down from WA and for mentoring Cheryl.  More huge thanks to tracklayer Cathy Beam additionally doing hospitality (the best blueberry muffins on the planet), and to Royana for housing Suzanne.  Aren’t our tracklayers the best!  Jim Aitken (bless his heart for crossing over from agility!), Cathy Beam, Heather McDowell, Debi Best (I hope you were able to get back home through the snow!), plus Dianna Mobley and Lizanne Kaiser who converted to tracklaying when they didn’t make the draw – lemonade from lemons – THANK YOU!  Thanks also to our drivers Colton and Royana and Linal tirelessly keeping our judges and tracklayers from feeling abandoned in the wilderness.

You and your dogs are all superstars, we wish you the best of luck and fortune at your next test!

/karey, pre-test paper pusher



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