TDX Tracking Test Excellent January 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016, Folsom Prison

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There was a shower or two, as the first two tracks went down. The showers had stopped by the time of the draw at 9:30 and all were present. Tracks 3 through 6 were laid at Mather Regional Park and the partly cloudy skies were accompanied by wind. The test ended with no passes. We wish these dogs the best of luck in up coming tests.

Track 1 was executed by a Golden Retriever from Santa Cruz and got to the last corner before failing.

Track 2 was a beagle from Elk Grove that was very distracted by the cattle. The handler terminated the test for her dog.

All then left Folsom Prison for Mather Regional Park.

Track 3 was a Doberman Pinscher from Santa Rosa. This dog failed.

Track 4 was a Irish Terrier from Oakland. This dog failed. The owner comment that she should have trusted her dog.

Track 5 was a Parson Russell Terrier from Carmichael. This dog failed

Alternate Track was then run by the first alternate. A Golden Retriever from San Jose unfortunately failed.

Our judges this weekend were Bob Rollins and Kyla Smay. It was my first time being a Test Secretary and they made my job easy. It was a pleasure working with them.

A TDX with split location has several unique challenges, so a big thanks to the workers.

Test Secretary – Cathy Beam

Chief Tracklayer – Sue Larson

Tracklayers – Bob Sleppy, Kate Marie, Randi Knutson, Patty Lundquist, Sharon Prassa, Susan McClair,

Cross Tracklayers – Jean Schaefer, Linda Kelly, Lu-Anne Spencer-Hartle and Lisa Steele

Driver – Pam Flanagan