TD Results, Feb. 19, 2017

19Feb2017 TRACS TD Test

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TRACS held their annual TD test at Mather Regional Park in Rancho Cordova, CA over the weekend of February 18 – 19, 2017. There were 12 entries for the offered 6 tracks, plus a possible alternate. Two entrants withdrew – one being a sheltie that passed the previous weekend.
Test Secretary Mary Roseberry and Chief Tracklayer Randi Knudson got to work early and had most of the volunteer positions setup well in advance. Although it turned out that CTL Randi had a conflict as the test weekend grew closer, Meg Azevedo stepped up to take over the CTL duties. While we missed working with Randi again – and thank her for all her upfront work, we were delighted to have another opportunity to work with Meg.
The weekend held ideal weather conditions for the dogs, entrants, and workers alike. Plot day, Saturday, was cool, overcast and only drizzled during plotting of the first track. Same for test day Sunday. The field conditions were ideal, also, with lush, ankle high, green field grass along with dead, sparse taller cover from the previous year, soften by the many rain storms that hit NorCal this winter season after 5 years of drought.
Due to the natural runoff and drainage from all the accumulated rain, there was some concern of water obstacles in the field and potential areas not able to be used for regulation TD tracks. Fortunately, the AKC Tracking Rep, Carol Ruthenberg, was out the prior weekend and we discussed this exact possibility. Being mindful of the AKC regulations and where rain runoff might occur, my co-judge Kamrin MacKnight and I were able to plot 7 very nice tracks. Apparently, the dogs all thought so, too – all 7 passed!
Our Hostess with the Mostest, Cathy Beam, had a wonderful array of goodies, snacks, salad, sandwiches, and hot soup for us that we enjoyed both days.
Track #1 was in the field next to Head Quarters, making it nicely visible to the watching gallery. This track went to a fast-moving Golden dog that had us running behind the team to the prized glove. Congratulations to Margie Madding of Atherton, CA and DD’s Shot of Jameson, now TD, handled by Billy Anderson; certified by Mitzi Young. Thank you to Colton Meyer as Tracklayer.
Next, we caravanned to the property off Convair Liner Road for the remainder of the tracks. Once we judges, tracklayer, and dog/handler team were dropped off, the gallery stayed at the gate where they could watch the entire track #2 being run.
Track #2 went to another fast dog, Irish Setter dog. Again, running to keep up behind the team to the prized glove, congratulations go to Gina Hemphill and Ray Atkinson of Tracy, CA and Shine-On Good To Go, now TD, handled by Billy Anderson; certified by Mitzi Young. Thank you again to Colton Meyer as Tracklayer, who did triple duty as Photographer, also.
Now we were able to work our way around the fields, from track to track, finally ending up at the property across the street from the church.
Track #3 went to an Australian Shepherd bitch that swiftly penciled the track to the prized glove. Congratulations to Warene Waters of Hollister, CA and Legends Star’N Just For a Lark, now TD; certified by Anne Hershey. Thank you to Tracklayer Alice Webber.
Track #4 went to a Golden bitch that seemed a bit distracted with something that caught her interest in the ground immediately after she left the starting flag, but before the directional flag. The handler knowing her dog, and the AKC Tracking Regulations, asked for a restart where she was able to get her dog to focus, and again, we ran to keep up behind the newly motivated team to the prized glove. Congratulations to Heather McDowell of Plymouth, CA and Sunfir’s Mud Pie, now TD; certified by Meg Azevedo. Thank you again to Alice Webber as Tracklayer.
Track #5 went to a Brittany Spaniel bitch. What would a tracking test be without a little drama for the judges – almost giving them a heart attack? This little dog did an extensive search before and at the 2nd turn, working continuously back and forth, taking her handler over and around this area multiple times, until the dog worked out the scenting puzzle and dragged the relieved handler to the prized glove. Congratulations to Sandy Spinale of Moss Beach, CA and RJ’s Sun Rise Goes Coast Side CN, BD, now TD; certified by Rita Crawford. Thank you to Tracklayer Lizanne Kaiser.
Track #6 went to a Weimaraner bitch that added in a bit of hunting along the way to the prized glove. Congratulations to Debbie and Bruce Gross of Fairfield, CA and Ch. Rockville’s Silver Day on the Mound RN, BN JH, RATN, now TD, handled by Debbie; certified by Anne Hershey. Thank you again to Tracklayer Lizanne Kaiser.
The alternate track was not needed for a retest nor to replace a fouled track, and therefore available to be used as a test track. We informed the handler that this track had accumulated more rain runoff than when we had plotted it the day before, per the tracklayer. The experienced handler and her Collie dog were seen to splash their way, in several places, down the last leg to the prized glove. Congratulations to Sue Larson of Citrus Heights, CA and Braeton’s Drift Away, now TD; certified by Meg Azevedo. Thanks to first time Tracklayer and Club President Terry LeClair, who found his boots to come out and volunteer for the test!
It was good to see our Judges’ Driver Pam Flanagan again, who drove us back to Head Quarters. There we finalized our paperwork, gave a de-brief of every track to the crowd, signed the prized gloves, and took pictures. We all took part in the splendid banquet laid out by Cathy Beam. I especially enjoyed her hot mushroom soup and the brownies!
A very special Thank You to our Test Secretary Mary Roseberry, who made sure the test went off without a hitch and was available for my every request. And to Meg Azevedo as our Chief Tracklayer, who organized the tracklayers and shared her insight of the area we are restricted to use for the event. They made our weekend fun and effortless.
Thanks to the TRACS club members who are so fun and friendly to work with. Kamrin and I think we have a 100% pass rate for TDs at Mather Regional Park for all the times we’ve judged here together. An enjoyable weekend, indeed.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Crawford
TRACS Tracking Coordinator