AKC Agility May 26-30 2022

May 26-27-28-29-30 2022 AKC Agility Trial/Memorial Weekend

Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland CA

Trial Chair: Sandy Zajkowski, Karey Krauter
Trial Secretary: Kathie Leggett
Judges: Zach Davis and Greg Beck, and Beverly Morgan Lewis in Thu/UKI day


Event Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
MAPS Thu Maps Fri Maps Sat Maps Sun Maps Mon Maps
Premier Standard Fri Std Prem Sat Std Prem Sun Std Prem Mon Std Prem
JWW Fri JWW Prem Sat JWW Prem Sun JWW Prem Mon JWW Prem
Excellent/Masters Standard Fri Std ExMas Sat Std ExMas Sun Std ExMas Mon Std ExMas
JWW Fri JWW ExMas Sat JWW ExMas Sun JWW ExMas Mon JWW ExMas
FAST Fri FAST ExMas Sat FAST ExMas Sun FAST ExMas Mon FAST ExMas
Open Standard Fri Std Open Sat Std Open Sun Std Open Mon Std Open
JWW Fri JWW Open Sat JWW Open Sun JWW Open Mon JWW Open
FAST Fri FAST Open Sat FAST Open Sun FAST Open Mon FAST Open
Novice Standard Fri Std Nov Sat Std Nov Sun Std Nov Mon Std Nov
JWW Fri JWW Nov Sat JWW Nov Sun JWW Nov Mon JWW Nov
FAST Fri FAST Nov Sat FAST Nov Sun FAST Nov Mon FAST Nov
Time 2 Beat Fri T2B Sat T2B Sun T2B Mon T2B
ISC Standard Thu ISC Std1
Thu ISC Std2


(pictures at bottom of page)
PACH 2 Trillian and Katrina Parkinson, Friday 5/27/22
MACH Skye and Karen O’Neil, Friday 5/27/22
MACH Mr. Gibbs and Deirdre Notheis, Saturday 5/28/22
MACH 4 Christy and Dorothy Fujimura, Sunday 5/29/22
MACH 7 Solo and Julia O’Rouke, Sunday 5/29/22
PACH Judy Chandler and Zoom, Sunday 5/29/22


(pictures at bottom of page)
ISC High Combined Winners:
16″ – Julie Baclene & Edge
20″ – David Kurtz & Kyber
24″ – Sally Connell & Kit

Earning the WTT Bye (one clear round and one round with 5 faults or less):
12″, 16″, 20″: No one
24″ – Sally Connell & Kit

AnniversaryBooth3 Penny Larson’s Anniversary Booth MACH4Christy Dorothy Fujimura & Christy, MACH4! ISC-HC-24-Kit Karen O’Neil & Skye, MACH1!
ISC-HC-16-Edge ISC High Combined 16″: Julie Baclene & Edge ISC-HC-20-Kyber ISC High Combined 20″: David Kurtz & Kyber ISC-HC-24-Kit ISC High Combined 24″: Sally Connell & Kit

Trial DeBriefing

I’m excited to report that our 2022 memorial weekend did NOT have a suffocating heatwave or fire storm or torrential rain, and only ALMOST scary-biscuits wind!  Oh no, we’re not at all gun-shy of weather issues, are we!?

What we DID have was a great relaxed efficient fun trial, including the great idea Kathie had for an ISC day ahead of the weekend.  We had good weather, great staffing, great judges, spicy courses, and AWESOME DOGS!  All results and new championships are posted on the www.agiltracs.org website.

I’ll start with my undying gratitude to our AKC-secretary-for-life Kathie and our does-it-ALL co-chair/RV czar/facilities manager/club treasurer Sandy. THANK YOU two for everything as always: our memorial weekend trial is a credit to your organization and creativity and flexibility and tolerance and multitasking prowess and joie-de-vivre!  I love working with you!

Our judges Greg Beck and Zach Davis gave us interesting courses (yes that could be like the folklore curse, but there were SO MANY truly awesome handling moves that made the courses look smooth as silk and SWEET to watch), THANK YOU to them for coming out from the east coast.  Their calls were good, and I love that they love to watch the dogs.  AND they’re a delight to work with!  And don’t forget Beverly Morgan Lewis judging the ISC day on those challenging imported courses, I am sorry I missed that because I know there were some fireworks in the rings! 

Each of the five days had 4 or 5 course builds which our course builder crew handled seemingly invisibly to the rest of us.  They were there before each class ended, and they were there at the crack of dawn and at the end of the day, and on demand throughout the day for those of us who don’t know how to attach a wing or use the FAST tape weights or tweak the AF chain or use a drill.  THANK YOU to our chiefs Beverly Morgan Lewis (survived all 5 days?!) and Katrina Anderson (come down from Reno, enjoying getting the hang of AKC courses), and our tireless course builder pool of Pam Jewell, Cassie Isaacson, Bob Meachum, Katrina Parkinson, Tracy Duncan, Cathy Beam.  On ISC day it was Nancy Gyes, Silvina Bruera, Linda Groesbeck, and Tracy Duncan.  Tireless!

I can’t say enough good things about our crew chiefs who spend a good part of their time convincing people why it’s fun to come volunteer, but in reality actually spend 90% of their time doing the ring jobs themselves.  And they know this before they sign up!  They are the face of our rings, of our sport, they set the tone, they make-or-break the show.  THANK YOU to Karen Johnson and Kaye Juhl and Vickey Meyer (poor Vickey who had the additional job of putting up with dorky ME all weekend).  I love working with you!

And, being that this show was smaller than usual, which REALLY shrinks how much time competitors have to volunteer, we truly couldn’t have pulled off the weekend without our fulltimers who gave up days (and long drives) to just sit in the wind watching the rest of us play.  THANK YOU to Katrina Parkinson and Karen O’Neill on Thursday, and to Kate Marie, Cindy Macklin, Mary Phoenix, Liz Smith the rest of the weekend.  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how life-saving/stress-relieving your presences were.

All the supporting cast that runs everything behind the scenes, they do the equivalent of moving mountains before, during, and after the weekend.  There wouldn’t BE a show if we didn’t have:
• Kathie Leggett & Becky Hardenbergh & Mary Roseberry on computers (seriously: they are an entire IT dept).
• Debby Thompson’s info booth, where cool TRACS logo clothing was available (I loved Debby letting everyone know, on Monday morning when it was chillier than we expected, that there were TRACS sweatshirts for sale!)
• Penny Larson’s RAFFLE (thanks also to Sue for helping her set up),
• Penny and Cathy Beam organizing such a sweet (literally!) recognition of TRACS turning 21 years old (useful cooler bags, YUMMY mini bundt cakes, personalized mugs!), with table cloths and everything!
• Penny’s annual labor of love, putting together our parade of veterans recognition and video, and memorial video of loved ones lost, that was poignant.  Now posted on the website.
• Proxy awards elves Julia O’Rourke and Ginger McMullen, who our awards czar Pat (currently laid up with her new knee as of last week!) had no end of praise for, making her prep job for next time easy. And Cathy Beam who did awards shuttling both ways!
• THANK YOU to Katherine Lai for hauling a hundred pounds of ice for the coolers and for her smile, you all know what I mean,
• And literally last, closing up the trailer doors after 5 days, THANK YOU to our equipment wizards and trailer haulers Jim Aitken and Jan Davis and Harley Frazee – there TRULY is no rest for you managing all of our equipment, 14000lbs worth!

Okay I’ve blathered enough: all you setup people on Thursday, teardown people on Monday.  OH!  Rosalie and key worker LUNCH!  Oh oh and Cathy Beam singing our anthem with Katherine Lai on keyboard!  ALSO love people earning titles and championships, they are so happy, it’s infectious.  I can’t say enough about the handful of you who were competing but were helping us ringside almost every minute you weren’t competing – I love people who say they have to stay busy!

Signing off now with two back-to-business items.  One is, it turns out one of our competitors on Thursday did get a positive covid test afterwards, so be aware.  Second, one of our dogs did have to be treated for THC (pot) poisoning, that we think was associated with debris from the party in the party building at the main gate on Saturday night: pay attention if your dog acts ill.

Love to hear from you about next year!


Trial Docs

Updated RV and after hours access
Cribsheet for classes/judges ea day.
Map detailing how to get in/out after hours.
Map of where RV’s and day cars can park.

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