USDAA Agility, Sep 13-15 2013

Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA

Test Secretary: Karey Krauter

Congratulations to new titles!

  • Linda Darcy and Niko, ADCH with a team Q on Saturdaywith teammates Gladys Pedigo & Alaska and Jeri Reinhardt & Suzy!
  • Sara McAulay and Moxie, LAA-Bronze with her Friday Gamblers Q and Saturday PVP Q with teammate Kathy Quiroz & Robin!
  • Stephanie Oppenheim and Neo, ADCH, going into the weekend needing two standards and a gamblers!
  • Sue Rush and Piper, PDCH with Sunday’s Standard!
  • Diana Wilson and Mick, AAD with Saturday’s standard!
  • Katy Robertson and Roulette, MAD!
  • Lisa White and Poppy, SaCH!
  • Katrina Parkinson and Fawkes, SaCH-Bronze, Saturday! One more Jumpers Q to go for her ADCH!
  • Harley Frazee and Quix, MAD with Saturday’s pairs!
  • Cheri Scannell and Jeepers, ADCH-Gold with Saturday’s pairs!

The results!

Pre-trial documentation