USDAA June 2014

June 13-15, 2014 USDAA Agility Trial!

Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA
Trial Chair: Susan Cochran
Trial Secretary: Karey Krauter

Congratulations to TWO NEW ADCH-PLATINUMS earned this weekend!
Sharon Freilich’s Cirque in Sunday’s jumpers, and
Jim Aitkin’s Brody in Sunday’s pairs.

RESULTS! Friday Saturday Sunday
Masters ***** Sat Mas, Maps Sun Mas, Maps
Advanced Fri Adv, Maps Sat Adv, Maps Sun Adv, Maps
Starters Fri St, Maps Sat St, Maps Sun St, Maps
Masters Challenge Fri MC, Maps Sat MC, Maps *****
Tournamants Team Individual, Maps Team Overall GP/Steeplechase, Maps

Catalog Front Page
Starters/Advanced running orders
Masters running orderS
Grand Prix/Steeplechase running orders
Masters Challenge (Friday and Saturday)
Team running orders

Premium, entry form
General Info when we start each day (it’s not 8am!), site layout, etc.
Entry Summary second to last chance to catch anything I messed up.
A list of teams. If you want to change your tea name, get back to me.
A list of people RV’ing if you aren’t on this list but want to be, email me asap!
A timeline guesstimate just a little game a play at guessing.
Stats I love how you can’t resist
Breakfast and Lunch Menus On The Scene Cuisine is serving breakfast and Lunch, check it out!
DINNER menu On The Scene Cuisine is also offering dinner Saturday night!